6 Reasons to visit Lanzarote
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6 Reasons to visit Lanzarote, Canary Islands…

Today, I’m sharing a post written by a fellow blogger who answered my call for help on social media when I asked for posts to share on here about places that I wanted to share but had no personal experience of myself.  Will offered to write a post about Lanzarote which is perfect as it’s not only an affordable destination that I know lots of people have visited or considered visiting but it’s also somewhere on my list of places to go for a cheeky Winter holiday.

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6 Reasons to visit Lanzarote

6 Reasons to visit Lanzarote

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa, are rugged volcanic isles known for their black- and white-sand beaches – a great short-haul winter sun holiday destination. Canary Islands are one of the closest places to the UK to find that much-needed winter sun and it’s reasonable to get there!

Below are 6 reasons why you need to visit there!

1). The Weather – All year around, you are guaranteed good weather (particularly if you are used to English winters). Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the warmest islands with average daily temperatures hitting the low 70s, about six hours of sun a day and only six rainy days a month. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura can be distinctly cooler, but still, are warm throughout the year.

2). It’s Cheap place to visit – Book an all-inclusive holiday from £305/month, for flights and hotel included. Considering Lanzarote is off the coast of Africa that is not a bad deal.  

3). You can drive around Lanzarote for peanuts!

It is really recommended to hire a rental car if you are staying longer than a few days in Lanzarote, as there is lots to discover on the island. The bus lines are bit complex and it can take 5 hours from the capital Arrecife to get to the North of the island. The cost is reasonable in the Canary Islands, from £9/day if you book in advance. 

4). You can surf and do lots of outdoors sports

For many surfers, Lanzarote is a real pull in Europe. The weather and water temperature make it tempting for surfers, with numerous surf camps and shops in Famara (North of the island).  There also options to scuba dive, cycle and go on nature trails.

6 Reasons to visit Lanzarote
5) See a volcano
Timanfaya is a volcanic zone on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. During any visit to Lanzarote, it is an absolute must. The result of two violent volcanic upheavals which took place relatively recently (in volcano terms), firstly in 1730 – this one lasted six years until 1736, and later in 1824 which resulted in the formation of several new cones – Lanzarote is sometimes referred to as the Island of the 1,000 volcanoes. Volcanos are one of Lanzarote key sights, you can’t miss out on.

6) View beautiful beaches

There are incredible beaches in Lanzarote, ranging from surfing, deserted, relaxing to even nudist beaches. A lot of the beautiful beaches are on the west side near Playa Blanca. An absolute must in Play de Papagayo. Again, a car is really needed for this trip.

I hope these tips have been useful.

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