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A Guide To Travelling On A Budget….

If you’re a travel lover, you’ll know how expensive your adventures can be. We know how annoying it is when you really want to go and visit those beautiful countries on the other side of the earth, but your bank account is saying no. However, there are many ways to save yourself a bit of cash whilst you’re on your adventures, and you will still be able to do all of the things that you want to do without having to break the bank. We’ve put together some tips, for those who are money-savvy, but are still ruled by that travel bug!

Travelling on a budget

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Don’t always eat out

If you’re going to save a bit of cash on your travels, you need to try and avoid eating in restaurants for every meal. Sure, you want to experience the local cuisine of an area, but don’t take this too far if you’re trying to watch your wallet. Go out for meals on some evenings, but be careful when it comes to breakfast and lunch. Grab something on the go from a shop or a market, or prepare some food in your room if you can. Look out for those rooms with kitchens and fridges!

Book your flights and hotels as early as possible

We know, there is something about travel that is just better when you aren’t stuck to strict time frames, but booking your flights and hotels quite a while in advance could really save you some cash. Don’t just book for the first price that you see, and keep an eye on the way that the cost changes over time. If it starts to go up, grab your bargain! If you can’t afford to pay out like this, look into loans, although you should look at some guarantor loan comparisons before you agree to anything.

Look for free days out

Sometimes, the most money you will be spending on your travels is actually getting into the attractions that you want to go to. Some of these costs are inevitable if you really want to go and see a landmark, but there are benefits to going on those free days out. For example, whilst people may be paying for a tour guide to take them around all the sights, there is something really magical about exploring the place for yourself (and for free). Sometimes you’ll discover things that you really didn’t expect!

So, if you’re looking to travel on a budget, there are many ways that you can save yourself a bit of cash. Whilst you may think that there is no way to do it, travelling doesn’t necessarily cost the earth, but you will have to plan things in advance, and budget appropriately. Make sure that you don’t always eat out (as these costs can really pile up), you book your flights and hotels as early as you can to save yourself a bit of dough, and you look out for day trips that you can go on without spending a penny (or a cent, or whatever the currency is). Enjoy!


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