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Activity Holidays Are The New Best Thing….

Activity holidays definitely are the way forward for those of us who want to do more than just laze around the pool all day.

But we understand that a lot of people would turn a blind eye to doing anything more active than walking to the pool bar to get another cocktail. When you think about a holiday, you instantly think about going to somewhere sunny, sitting around the minimal amount of things that you can possibly do, and seeing how much you can work on your tan.

But why not think about a holiday that involves doing something?

There are so many countries out there with some incredible things to do. Not only do most have varied and amazing landscapes, but a lot are geared up for tourists who want to be out and about, and doing something different. So if you think that you would be prepared to do something a little bit different, and that you do like the sound of maybe exploring a country a little bit more, then this is the article for you. We’ve got some great activity holidays that you could take part in, and we just know that you won’t regret it if you do!

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A Sporty Styled Holiday

We know that a lot of people are really into their sports at the minute, and that’s why we wanted to start the article with something a little sporty themed. Whether you play a sport or not at the minute, this is really something good to consider. You could start by joining a team, doing something that you’ve always loved. It doesn’t have to be serious or competitive, just something you enjoy. You could then have a look at companies such as absolute travel, and see if you can do an organised sports trip. This is something totally different to what a lot of you would be used to, but when you find a passion for a sport, this really is the perfect idea. You’ll be able to tour and see a country, as well as playing something you love!

Excursions Galore

If you go on holiday and don’t do an excursion or two, we really don’t think you’re doing it right. Excursions are the next best thing when it comes to holidays. You could do anything from quad biking, to a snorkelling trip, and we promise it will make your holiday 10x better. You’ll get to see parts of the country you might not have had the chance to, and do things you probably won’t do in your home country. If you want to save money when booking as well, you should try and book before, and look through websites like TripAdvisor. They’re always showing you the best price of the excursion. Holiday companies such as TUI generally charge an awful lot more, so think about going through companies direct.

Simply Walking & Exploring

Sometimes you don’t have to spend any money at all, all you need to do is get out and about, and walk around. Walking in your own country always seems like a chore, but when you’re abroad and the sun is shining, everything seems better. So try getting out and about and walking around, and see what that does for you!

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