Ellen’s Stardust Diner is one of those places in New York that everyone tells you that you absolutely MUST visit.

But is it really worth a visit considering you’ll probably have to queue for up to an hour to get in?

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is an old fashioned 1950s theme restaurant located at 1650 Broadway on the southeast corner of 51st Street in Theater District, Manhattan, New York City. The waiting staff are all singers, lots of them in between jobs on Broadway trying to earn enough to get them through to their next job and they’ll randomly start singing throughout your meal, putting on an amazing show while you eat.

We queued for just short of an hour for breakfast and it was absolutely worth the wait – if only just to say that we’d been to the famous Ellen’s Stardust Diner! 😂

It was SUPER BUSY inside and the downstairs looked like people were practically sitting on each other’s knees but we were led through the busy diner and were taken upstairs where we were sat in a booth which was a relief as I suspect the people sat downstairs felt a bit squished.

(It was peak breakfast time in the week before Christmas though so I’m going to guess that it’s not that bad at other times of the year)

Sitting upstairs turned out to be perfect as we got more space in our booth and still got to enjoy the show as the singing takes place upstairs too – it just felt like a bit more of a chilled atmosphere up there.

We were served really quickly and our waiter was so friendly and took his time telling us what he liked best off the menu and making us feel really welcome even though he obviously had lots of other customers too.  We didn’t feel rushed at all and he even went off and got us a big jug of iced water while we deliberated between pancakes and bagels.

The girls ended up going for chocolate chip pancake stacks and I want for a rainbow bagel with scrambled eggs and after a relatively short wait, our food was brought to us by our lovely waiter! It was AMAZING although I did kind of wish that I’d gone for the pancakes when I saw the girls’ plates.

The girls also got milkshakes with their breakfast (I know but we were on holiday so that makes it OK, right?) so by the time we were finished we were full enough that we didn’t need much lunch that day at all which made it feel a little bit better that we’d spent so much on breakfast.  Our usual breakfast in New York is a quick bagel from the bakery near the hotel where we always stay so this felt like a huge splurge.

The singing waiters were just brilliant – they were all super talented and made an effort to make everyone feel included.  In the time we were in there, I think there were five songs performed by different waiters which just felt like the perfect amount and they’re pretty well spaced so you get the atmosphere and the singing but can still enjoy your meal.

You can find lots more photos in the album I’ve set up on the Wanderlust and Me Facebook page and the videos of the waiters singing are over on my Instagram Stories highlights

Top Tip – Be prepared to queue – we’ve been past the diner numerous times and I have never seen there not be a queue.

How to get there – The nearest Subway station is 49th St but it’s in a pretty good location so we just walked there from Times Square in no time at all.

Find more information on the Ellen’s Stardust Diner website.

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