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A sneak peak of my Travel Plans 2018/19….

For a lot of years, we opted to take our family holidays in the UK for a couple of reasons, the first one was budget related and the second was because travelling abroad with two young children left us feeling like we needed a holiday after our holiday. 😉

In the last few years though, we’ve started to venture abroad again and I think we’ve all caught the travel bug a little bit.  The kids love to visit and explore new places and as parents, we love to be able to take them and experience new things together.

We put money aside each month for travel and book our main holidays well in advance – to give you an idea, I’m already looking at next August’s holiday which I’m so close to booking!  Booking in advance means that I can budget how much we need to pay each month to make sure we have no last-minute panic when the payment is due.

Last year we had our main holiday in the Isle of Wight as we had two smaller holidays too – Milan in May and Nice and Monaco in October.  I’ve got lots to share with you from those holidays but in the meantime, I thought I’d give you an update on the holidays that we already have booked for the rest of this year and the very start of next year so you know some of the things you can expect on here.

Cactus in Monaco

August 2018

Our next holiday is to Cyprus where we’re having a week in an all-inclusive resort in Paphos.  I have a suspicion that it’s going to be a little hot to do too much but we’re hoping to do a few trips out that I’ll share on here with you if we do.  We booked this one last September so we could start paying for it and also because we wanted a large 2/3 bedroomed apartment with air conditioning and wifi – I know, we’re fussy.

October 2018

My teenager and I are going on our annual girly holiday during October half term and we can’t wait.  We’ve done this for years and started with a weekend shopping trip to Manchester, followed by a couple of weekends in London and then we moved to travel abroad when we got a great deal to Cyprus.  Last year we booked a trip to New York and we were planning to do something on a much smaller scale this year but somehow we ended up booking six nights in Los Angeles!

We booked just about the cheapest hotel we could find to keep the costs down and it actually worked out not too badly priced.  A couple of weeks after I booked it, I noticed a discrepancy on the address in the hotel description so it was a little bit further out from things than we expected.

I complained about this and was absolutely gobsmacked to get an email apologising and offering me the choice of three hotels to swap to free of charge.  The hotels were amazing and a world apart from the one we’d booked originally and were a good £1000 more than we were paying for the one we’d booked!  We chose an amazing luxury hotel in central Beverly Hills with a town car service that will take us to places like Rodeo Drive free of charge.

We could never have afforded the hotel we’re staying at ourselves and the fact that we’re in a superior room is honestly amazing.

We’ve got so many plans for things to do when we get there so stand by for lots of LA spam!

New York

February 2019

My son wasn’t a huge fan of travel until recently and although he had the option to come to New York with us last year, he said he’d rather stay at home.  But after our travel last year, he’s caught the travel bug too and asked if we could go to New York next year.  I had initially planned to take him and spend time just the two of us as I do with his sister but he asked if she could come too as he thought he’d have more fun with her than just me. 😉

We’re going in February and staying in the same hotel we stayed in before so we don’t have to waste time getting our bearings.  It was actually really cheap, presumably because the weather is going to be baltic!  Apparently that’s OK according to the kids so we’re just going to pack the thermals and go with have fun!

August 2019

To be confirmed…. 🙂

I have somewhere in mind but I’m just not sure! Possibly Center Parcs if we can get a good deal?

So, do you see why I thought a travel blog might be a good idea? I’ve got so many lovely trips to share with you from the last couple of years and so many still to come that it seemed a shame not to give them a home of their own.


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