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Need A Holiday But Don’t Have Millions In The Bank? Read On…

Everyone loves a holiday, but paying through the nose for those vacations does take some of the gloss off of the adventures. It won’t prevent you from creating magical memories. Still, there’s no doubt that a budget-friendly solution will provide an additional source of happiness.

While you may think that it’s an impossible task, it needn’t be that way. Here are five simple ways to keep the costs down without sacrificing your enjoyment.

Travelling on a budget

Travel Out Of Season

Perhaps the easiest way to save money on your next holiday is to travel at the right time of the year. Flights, hotels, and package deals all cost more during the school holidays. You won’t exactly want to visit a sunny destination when it’s in the middle of a storm season. Nevertheless, delaying your trip by a couple of weeks until the kids are back can save a pretty penny. Besides, the hotel pool will be far quieter as a result. For your budget as well as your sanity, this is a great starting point.

Beach huts on the isle of wight

Stay In The UK

Living costs in Britain are pretty extortionate. When dealing with your holiday, though, the domestic option can often reduce the costs. This country is blessed with beautiful locations and equally stunning accommodation. A boutique bed and breakfast Bath stay, for example, provides luxury comfort and cultural significance. Aside from keeping the costs to a respectable level, it gives you the option of changing your travel plans if needed, especially when driving.

Grab A Special Offer

Alternately, if you plan to travel abroad, why not pick a package deal that’s on a special discount? If you are flexible with your dates, it’s often possible to pick up bargain trips to Iceland, Scandinavia, and popular places across Europe. These trips will often be midweek ones but can generate a significant saving. Travel agents and specialised coupon sites are particularly good places to look. Better still, this is a great way to visit places you’d usually ignore.


Travel broadens the mind, and there’s no better way to do it than getting a genuine insight into the local culture. Volunteer schemes in which you help out by working on a project gives you the chance to meet real people and give something back. The fact that this extended trip will cost very little money once you’ve arrived is a bonus too. Another solution is to take on an adventure like climbing a mountain for charity. It’s great news for your pocket as well as the charity beneficiaries.

Fly To The Next Airport

When travelling to the most popular destinations, especially at peak times, the flights can be the biggest expense. While flying to the next city may feel like wasted time, it could potentially save hundreds of pounds. It’s also worth noting that you may get better flight times when taking this option, which makes up for the additional internal travel. Perhaps the greatest selling point of this route, though, is that the less busy airport will make the arrival far less stressful. Perfect.

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