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Planning a Surprise Romantic Trip to Rome….

Rome is perhaps the perfect destination for a romantic break, and certainly an excellent place to go if it’s a surprise you are after. Most people would like to go to Rome, and it features prominently on travel bucket lists. There is loads to do, from visiting museums, churches, and famous galleries, to eating and drinking in some of the finest restaurants in the world. You can fill your days with working tours, guided museum visits, and wine tasting events. Or, you can slowly wander the streets, seeing the city in your own time, and finding romance in more unlikely places. You can’t really go wrong on this city break.

But, that doesn’t mean that your trip won’t need some planning. A surprise always does. So, if you want to plan a surprise romantic trip to Rome, here are some tips to help you.

Decide How Much of a Surprise You Want to Make it

Telling your partner that you’ve booked a trip months before you go, is a surprise. Revealing your plans the morning before you leave for the airport is too. You could even arrive at the airport, and keep the destination a surprise for as long as you can before boarding the plane.

A complete surprise means that you’ll need to pack their bags, make all of the arrangements, and even book them time off work. So, decide how much of a surprise you want before you start so that you know exactly what you are going to need to do.

Think About the Level of Romance You Are Looking For

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Another decision to make that will influence your others is how romantic you want your trip to be. Are you a hearts and flowers kind of couple that love romance, or do you find it a little sickly? Do you need to look at Andrea Matone proposal photography? Would your partner enjoy hearts on the bed sheets, or would you be better keeping it low-key?

Check Both of Your Diaries

The last thing that you want is a prior engagement ruining your plans. Check both of your diaries, and even rope in one of your partners close friends to help you to make sure they can be entirely free for the dates of your planned trip.  You might also need to get in touch with their boss and schedule some time off.

Pack Carefully

Visiting Rome means that you’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet. You might want to pack slinky dresses and stylish suits for a romantic break, but consider how comfortable your other half will be exploring a busy city dressed like this. Pack some comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as more romantic options.

Plan Some Activities

Planning a holiday isn’t just about booking flights and hotel. You might also want to book some fun events and tours, as well as special meals to keep things exciting.

Avoid Romantic Dates

Romantic dates like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve can be incredibly popular in Rome. Which means that everywhere is busy, and you can feel as though you are in competition with other couples. Stick to a normal non-named date and just enjoy being together without the added pressure and inflated price tags.

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