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Jun 4, 2019

When we went to New York in February, I knew it was going to be cold so before we went, I tried to find lots of indoor things we could do.  One of the things I found was The Ride NYC…

The Ride NYC

The Ride is basically a bus tour of New York – but with a big difference.  You’re basically sat facing the side of the bus rather than the front and between the super funny hosts, the huge windows and the screens in front of you, you really do see just about everything.

The tour takes 75 minutes and it’s really interactive and fun – to give you an example, we were told all about Times Square and the big annual New Year’s Eve party and as we went past the ball that drops at Midnight, we did a countdown ourselves from 10 and when we got to 0, there was audio of the crowd cheering and singing Auld Lang Syne.  Corny but really really fun.

The Ride NYC

Other examples of the interactive nature of the ride are when a seemingly normal person walking by the street will suddenly start interacting with the people on the bus – the ballet dancer was my favourite.  She randomly appeared from nowhere and started dancing around a statue in perfect time with the music that was playing on the bus.

There were quite a few things like this that happened and they were all equally brilliant but that wasn’t the only thing that made the tour one of the most enjoyable things we did while we were in New York this time around.

Although The Ride is billed more as an ‘interactive experience’ and not a city tour as such, during the 75 minute we saw some of the most iconic sights of Midtown Manhattan and Times Square – The Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, NYC Main Branch of the Public Library,  42nd Street, Carnegie Hall, Columbus Circle and Central Park were all on our tour.

It’s a great way to start a trip to New York as you get a feel for where things are and if you’re anything like us, add things to your must-see list.  Both teenagers were pretty much enthralled from start to finish which isn’t a regular occurrence.

We even ended the tour with a New York, New York karaoke session.

The Ride NYC

This was honestly one of the most fun things we did when we were in New York and next time we go, we’ll definitely be doing one of their other tours – they start from about $35 each but we chose this one as it looked like so much fun!

You can find lots more photos in the album I’ve set up on the Wanderlust and Me Facebook page.

Top Tip – Carlos Bakery is right on the corner over from where you get picked up and dropped off and Shake Shack is just around the corner in case you’re hungry when you’re done.

How to get there – The Ride NYC departs from 45th Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue in front of the stage doors of the Marquis Theatre.  It’s actually really central and easy to walk to from Times Square.

Cost – It’s not cheap at $69 but so worth it if you ask me!

Opening hours – There are daily tours which you can book through the website.

Find more information on The Ride NYC website.

The above details are correct at the time of publishing but as always, it’s worth checking their website to make sure nothing’s changed and that they’ll be open when you’re planning to visit.

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