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Review: TMZ Celebrity Tour, Hollywood

The TMZ Celebrity Tour in Hollywood is pretty much the most bizarre experience I think I’ve ever had on a holiday and I wasn’t sure whether to even share it with you as it’s not something I’d personally recommend.  My teenager, however, was all over it and absolutely loved it!

So, you basically sit on a minibus that has no windows and drive around the top ‘celebrity’ spotting places in and around Hollywood.

The idea is that, as well as getting all the gossip (whether unconfirmed or not) that you shout up if you see a celebrity and the tour guide would jump off the bus with their microphone and camera and try to get a few words from the celeb.  As you drive around, the guide fills you in on who’s been spotted where over recent weeks and occasionally, they’ll play back an interview with the celebrity in question where they’d gotten a couple of sentences out of them.

We saw all sorts of sites, ranging from the building where the Oscars take place…

… to Kat Von D’s Tattoo Parlour…

…And from the iconic Beverly Hills sign that featured in the opening titles of Beverly Hills 90210…

…to the site of a famous scene in Pretty Woman…

TMZ Celebrity Tour

My least favourite part of the tour was when we drove past all of the celebrity restaurants where diners were enjoying a meal that they’d no doubt paid a small fortune for.  The bus slowed to a snail’s pace when we drove past places like this and we were all instructed to check out the diners and ‘holler’ if we saw a celebrity.  I was mortified but my teenager was hanging out of the window doing what she was told and celeb spotting with the rest of the bus.

TMZ Celebrity Tour

I know just where famous people died, had their stomach’s pumped, did naughty things with prostitutes, where they eat and where they had their start.  I also know the shopping and eating habits of all of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’.

You can find lots more photos in the album I’ve set up on the Wanderlust and Me Facebook page.

Top Tip – Take a bottle of water with you and have a wee before you get on the bus – there’s a toilet in the back of the TMZ tour office.

How to get there – It’s right in the centre of Hollywood so basically get yourself there and you’ll find it.

Cost – $52 for an adult and $32 for 12 years and under although we booked an paid for ours on the day and it was $10 cheaper for us.  I basically booked and paid for it in the hotel room, called an Uber and we were straight on.

Opening hours – Frequent tours throughout the day between 9am and 6pm.

Find more information on the TMZ Celebrity Tour, Hollywood website.

The above details are correct at the time of publishing but as always, it’s worth checking their website to make sure nothing’s changed and that they’ll be open when you’re planning to visit.

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