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Six Reasons to LOVE Bali….

Bali is definitely somewhere that’s on my travel bucket list and I would imagine it’s also somewhere lots of you would love to visit too.

This tiny island lies in Southeast Asia and if you’ve never seen photos of the island, I can tell you that it looks like such a stunning place and it’s pretty obvious why people travel across the world to visit every single year.

If you want to see what all of the fuss is about and understand why people love Bali so much, keep on reading.


The weather

Bit of an obvious one this but the weather is a huge plus!  Being situated in the perfect place means that Bali is warm all year long. You don’t have to worry about snowy days and dull winters because every day in Bali is like a summer holiday! It makes days on the beach and round the pool a perfect way to spend your days.  Also, you can rent villas in Legian and sit out on your private terrace enjoying the sunshine and the relaxing atmosphere.

The beaches

Bali is known for having some of the most stunning beaches in the world, and once you step foot onto one of these beaches, every other beach you have visited before will feel like a pale imitation. With white sand, crystal blue water and shimmering skies, you will feel as if you are as far away from reality as you could ever be.

The atmosphere

Bali has a reputation for being the perfect place to relax and refresh from your real life. We all need an escape sometimes and you couldn’t wish for a better escape than this. Bali is so far removed from all that we know and it can bring you a huge sense of peace and calm from the moment you step off the plane. You can relax in a calm and magical place and you can really start to reconnect with yourself once more.

The people

If you love making new friends when you go travelling, Bali could be the ideal destination for you to visit this year. Everyone in Bali is super positive and they will immediately welcome you into the family like you were their own. You will be at home and you will feel as if you are truly part of something amazing, and don’t be surprised if you are invited to a party or two during your stay!

The adventure

Bali is a popular attraction not only for the relaxation but for the adventure you are able to enjoy along the way. When you visit Bali make sure that you take the time to explore the forests and climb up the mountains to the waterfalls above. They are magical and you can have lots of awesome photo opportunities when you are up there! If you love to be outside in the fresh air then this can be an ideal option for you.

Cat poo coffee

Okay, hear me out on this one…

Kopi luwak is a type of coffee which comes from coffee beans which have been partially digested from the palm civet. You can try this coffee at the plantation in Bali and you might even be able to meet the civet which pooped it out. It sounds gross, and it might be… but what’s travelling for if not trying new and ‘unusual’ things!

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