6 Reasons you NEED to visit London.
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Six Reasons why you NEED to visit London….

I love, love, love London and have been so many times, both on my own and with the kids.  It’s such a diverse place where you can pretty much do anything you can imagine doing, eat anything you can imagine eating and find such a mix of people that I’ve never found anywhere else in the world when I’ve travelled.

As the UK’s capital and the most visited city in Europe, London is a bustling and vibrant place, filled to the brim with amazing sights, iconic attractions, and wonderful people. It’s a vacation destination unlike any other in the world. 

Today I thought I’d share just a few of the reasons why you NEED to visit London…

SIx Reasons to Visit London

It’s Ridiculously Easy to Get to

London has amazing transport links so wherever you are in the UK, or indeed the world, you’ll be able to get to London easily.  I live a good five and a half hour drive from London yet I can jump on a train and be there in around three hours.

SIx Reasons to Visit London

The Famous Historical Sights

There are few experiences quite like exploring the sights in London. While some cities have one or two historical attractions to look at, London is filled with hundreds, with architecture from the Victorian, Stuart, Tudor, and Roman periods. You can easily see these sights strolling through London’s neighbourhoods, but a walking or bus tour could give you a bit more information.

SIx Reasons to Visit London

The Many Free Activities

As well as the iconic sights, there are also lots of free things to do to pass your time in London. If you were looking to learn a little more about the history of the city, then you could try a walking tour or head to one of the many fantastic museums – the Natural History Museum is our favourite!  You could also check out a comedy club or bar for some evening entertainment. Visit https://www.visitlondon.com for some more ideas.

The Variety Of Accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodation is crucial when travelling. Thankfully, London plays host to a variety of options, including classic hotels, hostels, and even services apartments, like those at https://londonservicedapartments.co.uk. Whatever your needs or budget, there will be somewhere in the big city to meet your needs and rest your head.

The Huge Green Spaces

Despite being a city, London is far from a concrete jungle, with almost 50% of the area being made up of parks and green spaces. From London Wetland Centre to Kennington Park, there are trees and grass on nearly every corner you turn. With that in mind, if you wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, you shouldn’t be too far away from somewhere peaceful. 

The Amazing Shopping Scene

When it comes to shopping, London truly has it all. From Oxford Street’s major flagship stores to the fancy boutiques on West End, you have plenty of opportunities to buy something stylish, grab a bargain, or even just window shop. There are also lots of markets for you to explore, all of which offer something uniquely British for you to take home.

With all of these reasons and more, why wouldn’t you want to visit a city as iconic as London?

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