Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot – Sporting Plage, Nice….

Sometimes, when you’re travelling you take a photo that you just want to share with the world – Sunday Snapshot is about doing exactly that.

I’m going to share one of my favourite travel photos with you every Sunday and tell you why it’s special to me.

Nice Beach - Turning Point

This is almost one of my favourite photos ever!

I say almost because I took about 40 photos in about thirty minutes while the kids were playing in the sea at the beach in Nice but this is the only one that they’re OK with me sharing because they really don’t want their beach bodies out there on the internet – can’t blame them in the slightest, can you?

The reason I like it so much is that the moment itself was a bit of a turning point for the kids.

They always used to get along really well when they were younger and then suddenly, they just seemed to stop liking each other.  I know this is totally normal for siblings but the constant bickering really does take its toll on family life and especially holidays where everyone is together more than normal.

Our trip to Nice and Monaco last October was a game-changer for us and playing on the beach and in the sea together like this was probably the longest I’d seen them having fun together in a good few years.  The reason I took so many photos was because of the genuine happiness that I could see on there faces as they splashed each other and raced each other in and out of the sea.  It really made me happy and is a stand-out moment from the holiday for me.

I have no idea how but that half an hour in the sea seemed to make them realise that actually, they didn’t need to hate each other and that they could have more fun together than on their own.

The friendliness continued for the rest of the trip and for that reason, it was my favourite ever family holiday.  It was so much more relaxing not having to referee them or worry about keeping everyone happy and that’s the reason that we’ve actually booked a week away this Summer together – our first full week as a family relaxing in the sun for a good few years.

And if you’re wondering if it lasted when we got home, well surprisingly it really did.

From this moment on the beach, they’ve been getting along brilliantly – they’re not just friends but they actually confide in each other and turn to each other for advice.  It’s as if they actually like each other! 😉

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