Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot: The Hollywood Sign

Sometimes, when you’re travelling you take a photo that you just want to share with the world – Sunday Snapshot is about doing exactly that.

I’m going to share one of my favourite travel photos with you every Sunday and tell you why it’s special to me.

The Hollywood sign

This was one of the top things on our LA bucket list during our recent visit and I’m so pleased we did it but I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

We DID NOT like Hollywood in the slightest – it was much too busy, a little bit scruffy and walking down the world famous Hollywood walk of fame we were accosted by people trying to ‘give’ us things which they forced into our hands and then asked for a small tip to thank them.

This was the view of the sign from the third-floor viewing balcony at the Hollywood and Highland shopping centre which has everything a teenager would want (Sephora, Victoria’s Secrets & Pink and Starbucks) but very little else.

So, we love this photo because it’s an iconic sign that we can now tick off our bucket list as having done it but that was pretty much all we enjoyed – we were in an Uber back to our hotel in double quick time once we’d seen it! 😉

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