Sometimes, when you’re traveling, you take a photo that you just want to share with the world – Sunday Snapshot is about doing exactly that… Or it used to be before life (and a global pandemic) got in the way.

I just gradually got out of the habit of posting my weekly pictures and in the end, I ended up neglecting this blog so much that I almost forgot about it completely. ☺️

But I set this blog up because traveling makes me happy and this was going to be my space to share all of my adventures and now feels like a good time to start planning some new adventures so I’ve dusted it off and I’m back!

It felt only fitting that my first post back was one of my favourite photos out of all of the thousands that I’ve taken over the years – not because it’s a good photo but because of how happy it makes me feel just remembering the day I took it.

Today’s photo is of the beautiful Painted Ladies in San Fransisco…

The Painted Ladies San Francisco

I took this photo on a solo trip to San Fransisco a couple of years ago and I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I stood in the spot where I took this photo.

I’d literally woken up and googled ‘things to see in San Fransisco’ that morning and The Painted Ladies are in the top five of things that you have to see on any visit to the city so it felt like a good place to start. The Painted Ladies are a row of super pretty colourful row of houses that you’ll have probably seen in a TV show or a film at some point as they’re so picturesque that they’re often featured.

I got a bus (all on my own) and then used Google maps to navigate myself on a fifteen minute walk from the bus stop to Steiner Street where The Painted Ladies are situated. I got lost once and had to walk through the very steep Alamo Park which nearly broke my already aching legs.

It was so worthwhile when I got my first sight of The Painted Ladies and honestly, it was as much because I was super proud of myself for doing it on my own as it was the sight of all that prettiness.

You can find out more about the Painted Ladies here.

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