Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot – Urban Light, LACMA, Los Angeles….

Sometimes, when you’re travelling you take a photo that you just want to share with the world – Sunday Snapshot is about doing exactly that.

I’m going to share one of my favourite travel photos with you every Sunday and tell you why it’s special to me.  This week is a double share as I’m going to show you my photo and then the photo I took of my teenager who clearly wasn’t enjoying herself as much as I was.

Sunday Snapshot - Urban Light, LACMA, Los Angeles....

Before our trip to LA last year, I spend hours online planning the things we were going to do and see while we were there and one thing I knew I wanted to do was to visit the Urban Light display at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).  The Urban Light DIsplay Urban Light installation at LACMA consists of restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s – most of which once lit the streets of Southern California.

It fascinated me for some reason and I knew that it was somewhere I wanted to visit so I bargained with my teenager who most definitely did not want to be visiting an art museum at any point during her dream trip to LA and promised her if we went then we’d follow it up with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory.

I love taking photos so I was having a ball wandering through the lights and taking photos left, right and centre when I noticed that I was alone.  My lovely teenager had decided she was done and was sitting to one side of the lights snap-chatting her friends back home – a quick glance over her shoulder told me exactly what she thought of the lights I ws so fascinated by…

Sunday Snapshot - Urban Light, LACMA, Los Angeles....

I strongly recommend a visit to the stupid famous lighty thingys if you get chance.

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