Travel Diary

2019 Travel Plans….

2018 is going to be hard to top when it comes to travelling!

My first big trip last year was an amazing (and very unexpected) trip to San Fransisco back in May where I was lucky enough to spend time with the lovely people at Pinterest HQ as well as seeing as many of the sites that I could fit in during my short five-day trip…

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

We then had the most amazing family holiday in Cyprus in August where we literally did nothing for a week…

Paphos Gardens Pool

And our last big trip of the year was the trip of dreams – a week in an amazing hotel in Beverly Hills exploring Los Angeles and all the iconic sights we’ve seen on TV and read about in books…

Palm Trees at Santa Monica, Los Angeles

So how do we top that for 2019?

I’m pretty sure we can’t but we’re going to have a good go starting with a trip to New York in February which we’re really looking forward to despite the predicted freezing temperatures.

I then have a lovely long weekend booked in sometime in May to Wales for this year’s Flea Retreat which is basically a blogging meet up where I’ll spend time with some amazing ladies and hopefully learn to use my camera a bit better.

And for our Summer family holiday, we have vague plans to fly to Amsterdam for four or five nights and then either fly on to Berlin or Rome for a few nights before flying home.  We want something a bit different because, even though we loved Cyprus last year and lazing around a pool was just what we needed, that’s not the sort of holiday we usually enjoy as we like to explore and get out and about.  Cyprus was ridiculously hot – way too hot to leave the pool area very much.

And for our end of year holiday which would usually just be me and Miss Frugal, I really want to go somewhere where it’s going to be hot.  I think somewhere like the canary islands would be the more sensible option but I’m seriously tempted to look at somewhere further afield.